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  • Detection of the position of a Weld Seam by Flux Leakage or by Eddy Current.
  • For all tube processing machinery that requires a precise weld seam position.
  • For all punching and cut-to-length facilities working with welded coils.
  • Weld Seam Detection at tubes

    Weld Seam Detection at tubes

    The detection of the tube seam and the exact positioning of the tube are the most important prerequisites for repeatable bending geometries.

  • Weld Seam Detection at drums

    Weld Seam Detection at drums

    The Weld Seam detector SND 8 and the sensor NS11 find the weld seam so that the drum can be turned into a safe position.

  • Weld Seam Detection at coils

    Weld Seam Detection at Coils

    A detection of the joints becomes often necessary when processing strips, cables and wires. The SND40 provides the greatest flexibility in the seam detection.

  • NS9SC

    Weld Seam Detection at Coils

    NS9SC - This weld seam sensor was developed especially for butt weld detection in steel coils with an exceeding width more than 100 mm (3.93 in).


    Weld Seam Detection at narrow metal strips

    NS9N-AAD-SC - The autarchic weld seam sensor for narrow metal strips up to 30 mm (1.18 in) of width, preferably for magnetisable steels or stainless steels.

  • UFD40

    Butt Weld Seam Detection at Tubes and Cables

    In the processing of tubes and wires, a detection of the joints becomes necessary.

  • Add-On Remote Service Box

    Add-On Remote Service Box

    The RSB Remote Service Box is the new remote maintenance solution for the Weld Seam Detection System SND40.

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The improvement of the welding methods, the widespread use of laser welding and subsequent treatments such as annealing and coating have made the automatic detection and positioning of weld seams in tubes for subsequent processing steps such as tube bending and hydroforming a difficult task. The use of specifically designed sensors in conjunction with digital signal analysis with microprocessors or PC based systems has therefore gained widespread acceptance. ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH meets many needs of customers regarding to remote maintenance and presents a comfortable solution for the Weld Seam Detection System SND40, the Remote Service Box RSB.