Static Thickness Gauging

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Depending on the measuring tasks and the corresponding operating conditions, such as the specific installation situation and location, the required accuracy and environmental conditions you can selected from a wide range of ROLAND Thickness Gauging Systems.

Basically, we distinguish two types of measurement systems.
In the case of static measuring system (LTM-ECO, LTM-BASE), the measuring point is unchanged with respect to the system. In the case of the dynamic measuring system (LTM-SMART, LTM-MAXI, LTM-ULTRA), the measuring point can change its position and within the system it can be dependent on time or distance.

  • LTM static

    LTM product series

  • LTM product series

    LTM product series

    Wide range of Thickness Gauging Systems for a variety of applications or for metrological tasks. Select by static or dynamic data sampling, by data sampling rate and accuracy. New operating options and different operating modes. Select the most suitable thickness gauging system from our LTM portfolio.



    Compact system for Static Line Measuring - maximum 3 tracks.



    High performance measuring system for Static Thickness Gauging - maximum 5 tracks.

  • LTM TOUCH, LTM-S Software

    LTM-S software

    LTM-S (internal client) includes all necessary tools for the operation, processing, presentation and provision of the recorded thickness measurement values. LTM-S is included in the scope of delivery of theThickness Gauging Systems LTM-BASE, LTM-SMART, LTM-MAXI and LTM-ULTRA.