Weld Seam Geometry Inspection

| EHR® AluCheck  | OSI40 |

  • Detection of defective spots, cracks, holes, notches and interruptions.
  • Inspection performes by 3D laser sensors which are passed over the finished weld seam and thereby scan the surface and geometry from one or both sides.
  • The comprehensive TIVIS® software package logs and evaluates the recorded 3D data regaring faults and other deviations.
  • EHR® AluCheck

    EHR® AluCheck

    Non-destructive Control and Inspection of Weld Seam for Steel and Aluminum, laser based function principle. Geometrical evaluation and reliable detection of three-dimensional geometric errors.

  • OSI40


    System for Surface Inspection and Fault Detection, laser based function principle.

    3D-Laser sensors and EHR® AluCheck 2D/3D sensors.

In continuous production processes it is necessary to detect defects and other quality issues directly in the production process, in order to initiate measures to eliminate the production of faulty materials.

For this purpose Roland has developed nondestructive testing systems according to the eddy current principle and the magnetic inductive methods. The eddy current systems are being used for defect detection in semi-finished products such as wires, rods, tubes, small strips and cables.

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