Single Side Systems

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For single-sided double sheet control different systems are available: the low cost system with sensors based on permanent magnets, the system with electromagnets for steel only and a system with a combination sensor for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. New: Our innovative eddy current sensor for the detection of layers, butt joints and edges in semi-finished products.

The single-sided double sheet control systems are best suited for destacking operation of all kinds. For magnetic materials sensors based on permanent magnets and electro magnets are used. Permanent magnetic sensors are better suited for thin material because the force of attraction.

The electromagnetic sensors excert no force after measurement and can measure up to 12 mm single sheet thickness. A combination sensor consisting of electromagnetic and eddy current probes is available for nonferrous metals and nonmagnetic stainless steel.

  • A100


    Single Side Double Sheet Detection

    FE-Material 0.04 ... 4 mm sheet thickness

  • Eagle Eye AA

    Eagle Eye AA

    For FE and NF materials 0.2 ... 8 mm thickness, depending on sensor and material.

  • E20


    Single-sided air gap tolerant sensors

    Double Sheet Control ranging from 0.2 ... 12 mm single sheet thickness.

    Device variants for connecting 1 ... 4 sensors

  • I100-S-WI


    Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with single probe sensor

  • UDK20


    Single probe double sheet control up to 4 mm single sheet thickness (up to 0.160in.) of ferrous and non-ferrous materials (automotive aluminium alloy). Device variants for connection of 1 or 2 sensors, by Sensor Switch Box up to 4 sensors.

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